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About Cyprus

Also known as the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite, Cyprus captivates with its amazing climate, dreamy beaches, historical landscapes and the delicious local cuisine. Whatever the season, Cyprus is a destination that can satisfy all kinds of travellers as it offers a range of fascinating and diverse places, customs, activities and events that cannot be found elsewhere.


The Diverse Landscape

Make the most out of the Mediterranean climate and explore the outdoors. The golden stretches of sand and crystal-clear blue waters are of course the island’s calling card. Without a doubt, there is a beach for everyone in Cyprus, from wild and hidden to family-friendly and buzzing. If you are an adrenaline junkie, all kinds of water sports are here to make the most out of. From windsurfing to scuba diving, you will never get bored at the beach. And if you do, then it’s time to head towards the inland, where you can travel through wildflower valleys, olive groves and vineyards. As you discover your way up towards the island’s pine-clad mountain range, you will also get the chance to try out biking, hiking and, don’t be surprised, even winter skiing.


The Historical Significance

The island’s geographical location and wealth turned Cyprus into a Mediterranean siren throughout the years. No conqueror remained unaffected. The rich history of the Greek island has left ancient treasures behind for us to admire. Remnants of once mighty city-kingdoms are spread all over Cyprus, from Neolithic dwellings and Phoenician tombs, to Roman mosaics and Byzantine churches and castles. Additionally, you can spot the preserved architectural inheritance of the Lusignan, Venetian and Ottoman periods whilst strolling the cities and small villages and harbours. If you are interested in myths and folklore, prepare to be charmed by the close bond the island has with goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. In Cyprus you can spot the exact place the goddess was born, walk through her forest kingdom and discover where she used to take her bath.


The Luscious Cuisine

By all means, dive into the local cuisine and be ready to be blown away. You will discover that the food culture here carries Greek and Middle Eastern aromas, blended together into something unique and exciting for the taste buds. Choose meze to familiarise yourself efficiently with the local cuisine whilst enjoying a feast of small dishes, from tasty tzatziki and creamy tahini to kebabs or meat cooked in red wine (afelia). Accompany your meze with an excellent local wine. Do not leave the island unless you have tried the stars of the Cypriot cuisine, such as halloumi cheese and sheftalia meatballs. And for dessert, keep an eye out for sticky baklava and glorious sweet treats flavoured with almonds, rose water and pistachios.